Daniel Gordon

I am Daniel, I live in Aberlour in North-east Scotland, and I am 10 years old. I have been playing the drums since the age of seven. I have two sisters Zoey and Freya, Freya has recently started drum lessons with Rossini as well.

I was given my first snare drum at the age of 5 and enjoyed making a lot of noise, so much so my Mum and Dad thought it was time for some lessons. Within weeks of starting at Ritimo Drum and Percussion School Rossini said I needed to get a full size drum kit. Sadly, when I started drumming at home one of the residents in the street did not appreciate my talent and called the police so already in my short drumming career I have had a visit from the police. However, the policeman took one look at me and laughed about it. I did not let this stop me, it made me even more determined to play better.

I now have an acoustic drum kit in the shed (my drum studio as I call it) and most recently an electronic drum kit it is a Yamaha DTXPRESS IV Special Edition and I have it in my bedroom so I can make as much noise as I want and play for as long as I like. I practice every day and play a varied selection of backing tracks such as Latin and Funk music, and I am always willing to try new things when it comes to drumming and percussion.        

My first gig was "schools got talent".
I then went on to play in "Speyside’s got talent".
Most recent I played with my fellow drummers from the Ritimo Drum and Percussion School at the Drum Fest in Craigellachie. 
I also drum for the church band.

What I’m Working On
At the moment I am working on my solo piece for a 2 minute video to enter the Young Drummer of the Year 2011 I am so excited about this and am working really hard toward it and I am now practising for a hour a day.