Rossini Cavalcante

Rossini was born in North-East Brazil in the city of Fortaleza. He and his twin brother Rossano were given their first Drum Kit at the age of four! Growing up, they were surrounded by music and rhythm and spent their childhood and teenage years playing drums and percussion with eachother and with groups of friends. They mastered many different Brazilian percussion instruments such as Pandeiro, Berimbau, Tambourine, Congas as well as percussion from other cultures like Timbales and Bongos. The Cavalcante twins took part in carnivals and samba schools from a young age and would challenge each other to play faster and more complex rhythms.

During the 1980s, after studying Accountancy at university followed by some years in banking, Rossini decided to follow his dream and make a career in music. (Rossano also followed the same route, although they now play music thousands of miles apart. Rossano lives in Brazil and runs ritmo there, manufacturing quality Pandeiros).

Rossini played and taught around Fortaleza then spent some years in the South of Brazil before going to work in Europe. He played gigs and recorded with various artists in Barcelona, Paris and Nice, but was mostly based in Lisbon. Here he gained experience of different kinds of music ranging from Spanish Flamenco to African. As well as gigs, he worked in samba schools with up to 50 percussionists at a time near Lisbon.

In 1998 whilst working as the resident drummer in the prestigious casino in Estoril rossini met his wife, Deirdre and came to Scotland in 2000 to be with her. they married in 2001 and together converted their large attic to a well equipped drum studio.

Other facts about Rossini:

- Rossini is a full member of the Musician's Union.

- All Disclosure Scotland forms are kept up to date.

- He teaches in the prestitigous Gordonstoun School, where members of the Royal Family have been educated.

- Along with Rossano and other musicians, Rossini recorded a CD while on holiday in Brazil in 2003.

- Ritimo has run percussion workshops across Moray for nursery, primary, and secondary schools; senior citizens groups, teachers' Health and Wellbeing days; music teacher's in-service training; Moray Youth Justice and children's parties.

- Ritimo own a large selection percussion instruments for workshops and transport them to the location in a large van.

- Rossini has recorded a CD of various Brazilian rhythms using 17 different percussion instruments for use in workshops.

- In 2008 Rossini was invited to perform with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra as their special guest in venues in Edinburgh, glasgow, Stirling and St Andrews for their New Tango project, which included Astor Piazzolla's famous Argentinian tango music.