I have a large selection of Latin American percussion instruments including the following:

Pandeiros Congas Repeniques
Berimbau Timbales Guiro (Reco-Reco)
Cuica Afoxes Tan-Tans
Tamborims Surdos Zambumbas
Triangulo Caxixis Cowbells
Agogo Shequere Bongos


Various rhythms can be covered including:-

Samba Samba Reggae Afoxe
Maracatu Bossa Nova Capoeira
Frevo Baion Salsa
Cha-cha Mambo  


Percussion lessons are available for individuals or for small groups in the studio. Large workshops can be catered for across Scotland. Have van, will travel!

Percussion workshops are great for staff team-buiding and Health and Wellbeing days.

If you want a different idea for a party, either for adults or children, percussion sessions are fun for everyone. They can easily be adapted to suit different ages and tastes.