Blaire McKenzie

Young Drummer of the Year (top 40), 2008

Hi I am Blaire MacKenzie, I started drumming when I was 12. I went to Rossini’s Ritimo drum school only knowing how to play we will rock you by Queen really really badly. But by the 1st lesson I was playing rock beats, funk beats to paradiddle and didn’t stop learning from there, I kept getting better and stronger every time I played drums thanks to Rossini. I was playing loads of variety’s with Rossini, my strongest was funk drumming; I just love the way it sounds. My greatest influences are from Aaron Spears, John Blackwell, Travis Barker and Chad Smith.

In 2008 I got to the stage where I wanted to get more out of drumming so I did a 2 minute solo for the Young Drummer of the Year and got into the Top 40.

Myself and 2 friends started up a pop-punk band ‘For The Win’ doing lots of covers, then in 2009 we all decided to take the next step and do our own music and record it with my good friend Nicky Cooper at Taste Creations. We had photos taken by Chris Thorton and we sent the EP to Pacific Ridge Records in San Diego and they loved it and wanted to hear more, but we all decided to go our own way. - Band page - Band page - Recording studio photographer

Now I am playing with “Reborn” which is a covers band. We do a wide range of music from old to new, rock, punk, blues, funk. There will be upcoming shows & events and they will be listed on Facebook.

Many thanks to Rossini for all his help and support